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The Accommodation BID began its first term on 15th January, 2023. This comes after an 84% vote in favour of the BID, which will see nearly 100 hotels and serviced apartments included. The Accommodation BID will have wide reaching benefits for the wider city and the accommodation sector. The city could see more money being spent per night on hotel rooms, providing additional income for the sector. Additional tourists, and their expenditure, will be attracted to the city, who will then stay within hotels and other serviced accommodation.

Accommodation BID

The Accommodation BID is designed to provide security both for the industry and for visitors, helping to continue to attract major events to the city, like Eurovision. Alongside other measures, the BID will see the establishment of a subvention fund, focused on attracting small, medium and large conferences to the city, that convert into hotel stays.

The RV for the Accommodation sector is £45,000, meaning small and independent hotels and apartments within the BID area do not need to pay an annual levy, whilst still benefiting from its services.

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Accommodation BID Business Plan

The Liverpool BID Company currently delivers the 2023-2028 Accommodation BID Business Plan which will support both Liverpool’s growth and the viability of the sector.

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