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The Accommodation BID began its first term on 15th January, 2023. This comes after an 84% vote in favour of the BID, which will see nearly 100 hotels and serviced apartments included.

The Accommodation BID is different from a tourist tax, and it is an important distinction to make. Revenue is raised via a levy from within businesses in the hotel and serviced accommodation sector. That revenue, which represents a £4m investment over five years, which includes a subvention fund of targeted investment. This is designed to attract small, medium and large conferences to Liverpool. In total, the Uk events industry is worth £70bn in direct spend. Over £31bn of this total is business events, conferences and exhibitions.

Investing in a subvention fund, supported by both Liverpool BID and the Accommodation BID, helps to attract these conferences and events to Liverpool. These events can play a critical role in professional development and improving the performance of business. It helps to build a commercial sector in Liverpool, developing and enhancing our interconnectedness. This, in turn, helps Liverpool to be more competitive, to improve our ability to grow and strengthen our economy. While conferences might represent industry coming from around the world, on our doorstep it helps us to learn and understand what our professional neighbours do, what their expertise is and what opportunity we have to strengthen our bonds and work together.

Supporting the attraction of events and conferences to Liverpool undoubtedly has a positive impact on our world leading visitor economy, yet it is also critical in shaping and enhancing our commercial and professional industries, helping to grow our economy further.

Accommodation BID

The Accommodation BID is designed to provide security both for the industry and for visitors, helping to continue to attract major events to the city, like Eurovision. Alongside other measures, the BID will see the establishment of a subvention fund, focused on attracting small, medium and large conferences to the city, that convert into hotel stays.

The RV for the Accommodation sector is £45,000, meaning small and independent hotels and apartments within the BID area do not need to pay an annual levy, whilst still benefiting from its services.

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The Liverpool BID Company currently delivers the 2023-2028 Accommodation BID Business Plan which will support both Liverpool’s growth and the viability of the sector.

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