Earlier this year, the Liverpool BID Company Police Team worked alongside neighbourhood colleagues and were successful in obtaining a CBO for a prolific offender, Jeff Day. The result of the CBO has meant that Jeff Day is now banned from Liverpool city centre for 5 years due to his shoplifting crimes.

It is a great result for the BID Police Team and now means that our levy paying businesses no longer have to worry about being targeted. The CBO that is in place allows Liverpool city centre to be a safer place for employees, visitors, and residents. In this video, we spoke to BID Police Officer PC Dave Crawford to ask him questions about:

  1. What is a CBO?
  2. How are CBOs obtained?
  3. What do CBOs cover?
  4. Can you describe the recent CBOs in Liverpool city centre?
  5. What made the recent CBOs stand out?
  6. What difference do CBOs make to the city centre?
  7. What message would you give to the public and to businesses about supporting the use of CBOs?

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