We await clarity on exactly what this proof of Covid status will involve. We are working with venues and organisations across retail, hospitality, culture and the wider Liverpool Visitor Economy to ensure they have clear guidance for both their staff, customers, visitors and audience. This is a huge, logistical challenge for organisations and we would ask for everyone’s patience.

As businesses shift to working from home guidance and those affected absorb the impact of new restrictions, we once again have to point out to this Government that it is those industries who have borne the brunt of restrictions over the past 18 months who are being asked to do so again.

Christmas is a crucial time for organisations within the city as people visit theatres, music venues, concerts and more. Culture, arts and entertainment lost 20% of its sector GVA due to COVID restrictions, with Merseyside one of the worst regions affected. This sector is a major employer in our city and a loss of income affects jobs, venues and risks us starting 2022 a step behind. These venues being forced to change their guidance to audiences deserve support for any loss of income.

Bill Addy
CEO of Liverpool BID Company
Chair of LVEN (Liverpool Visitor Economy Network)

Key announcements from Prime Minister Boris Johnson:

From Monday 13 December, you should work from home if you can.

Proof of Covid status will be needed for big venues such as nightclubs and were large crowds gather. This includes:

→ Unseated indoor venues with more than 500 people

→ Unseated outdoor venues with more than 4,000 people

→ Any venue with more than 10,000 people

Face masks should be worn in most indoor venues such as cinemas and theatres from Friday 10 December.