We are disappointed to see the 21 June date pushed back, especially for our city’s famous night time economy and events industry, which has been among some of the hardest hit by the pandemic. We would urge the government to ensure that support is linked to enforced closure so that our creative industries and hospitality sector is not hit even further by being forced to lay dormant. 

We understand the commitment to data and not dates, but clarity is vital here. There is a lot of frustration around this, and it is understandable.

We need to see the figures, because what we understood from the Liverpool pilot schemes was that, with a negative test before the events, there was no Covid outbreak. Show us the data that shows it isn’t safe to reopen.

We are talking about an industry that is used to negotiating contracts with international artists, managing complex venues, selling thousands of tickets, adhering to government guidelines – they understand the challenge and they are determined to be able to open safely. Work with them on how to do that. Don’t just bolt their doors closed.

The same goes for our hospitality sector. At Liverpool BID Company we are hosting a hospitality summit alongside Liverpool Hospitality to identify the key challenges the sector is facing right now, from recruitment to VAT, so that we can communicate directly to the government what they can do to help save this industry and get it back on its feet.

Support must continue if businesses are not able to open their doors and if there is reduced demand. At the start of this pandemic we came together as a city and showed true leadership to protect our industries. We need to see the same thing again.

Bill Addy
Chief Executive
Liverpool BID Company