Cyber Crime and Crime Prevention Advice from Merseyside Police and Liverpool BID Company

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Online criminals can easily get malware and viruses onto devices to steal credentials, access webcams, commit fraud and hold us to ransom. North-West Regional Organised Crime Unit has provided advice for you to use during this time which includes:

  1. Go to the organisation’s genuine website
  2. Check the detail of the URL or website address
  3. Avoid clicking on links in emails and text messages
  4. Think before you click
  5. Don’t rush to give away personal details
  6. Don’t assume everything you receive is genuine
  7. Train your staff – Use the free ACT Awareness e-Learning package
  8. Any online crimes and frauds need to be reported to Action Fraud. Get in touch on 0330 123 2040 if you have been a victim, especially for Ransomware and Denial of Service attacks which are classed as live cyber-crimes.
  9. National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) has put together a range of important resources including guidance on working from home and more – Access these documents here and in the links below.
  10. Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure (CPNI) has produced practical guidance for personnel on mitigating these risks, intended to inform employers about the personnel security vulnerabilities during such periods.
  11. Merseyside Police Cyber Dependent Crime Unit provide free in person presentations and hands on interactive exercises for businesses within Merseyside. To book the Cyber Dependent Crime Unit or to discuss options contact the unit here.
  12. North West Cyber Resilience Centre is a not-for-profit venture between North West Police forces and Manchester Digital. Work together with seconded Police officers, to produce a range of free guidance materials to help make you more cyber resilient. NWCRC also provides affordable, professional cyber security services to small businesses inclusive of:
  13. Police CyberAlarm is a tool to help businesses understand and monitor malicious cyber activity. This service is made up of two parts; monitoring and vulnerability scanning. It acts as a “CCTV camera” monitoring the traffic seen by a member’s connection to the internet. It will detect and provide regular reports of suspected malicious activity, enabling your business to better to defend against the latest cyber threats. The data collected by the system does not contain any traffic content (we cannot see this – it is the metadata only) and is designed to protect personal data, trade secrets and intellectual property.
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