After moving from Maghull and setting up in the heart of the central business district of Liverpool in May 2018, Exchange Barber Company has moved from its Exchange Flags based shop.

The shop, which was  located in Exchange Flags, nestled between El Gato Negro tapas restaurant and Fazenda restaurant was closed last month, November,  as a result of the ongoing pandemic. With over half of the city’s workforce still working from home the city centre is a lot quieter now during the hours of 9-5, with it only getting busy now later in the evening.

The Exchange Barbering Company was established by partners Mark Foster and Tony Manning, who have over 40 years’ combined experience in the male grooming industry. Reflecting on the pandemic and evaluating their business partners Mark and Tony decided on taking the business in a different direction. Stay in the city but as an appointment only studio!

Tony said:

“We spoke to a lot of our long standing customers and they all said they wanted us to stay in the area. So we came up with the idea of streamlining the business more and working across 4 days a week from Tuesday to Friday, but by appointment only. We moved into our purpose built studio on the 5th floor of Horton House, literally a corner kick away from our old shop and we have not looked back. So we are still  within Exchange Flags, just at another level.”

Mark added:

“The world has never known a couple of years like what we have just had and are still having, with the ongoing covid-19 pandemic. This has meant business has changed. We were no longer a walk in business. Foot traffic is just not there anymore in Liverpool and we can’t see it ever returning to what it was pre covid. With this Tony and myself came up with the appointment only idea. We have moved literally a few weeks and it has been non-stop with appointments from 9am to 7pm Tuesday to Friday.”

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