The Umbrella Project celebrates the intelligence, ability and talent of every human being- including every neurodiverse individual, empowering and enabling the next generation of children and young people.

→ What is Neurodiversity?

The Neurodiversity paradigm is part of a movement that is growing across the world to increase understanding and showcase the intelligence, ability and contribution to businesses, culture and our communities by those individuals who are neurodiverse… ADHD, Autism, Dyslexia, Developmental Language Disorder, Tic Disorders, Dyscalculia, Dysgraphia and Dyspraxia. The neurodiversity movement stands at the intersection between the medical and social model – between ‘pathologisation’ and ‘marginalisation’.

Misunderstanding and cultural prejudices have blinded us to the unique and dynamic contribution neurodiverse people play in our lives. Successful neurodiverse individuals are hiding in plain sight in our offices, laboratories, schools, universities, leisure and retail outlets – and some are being limited and unable to showcase their talents and true potential.

→ What is The Umbrella Project?

The Umbrella Project aims to bring this uplifting display to other iconic locations in the UK. The Umbrella Project involve local children and their schools have the umbrellas signed and decorated by neurodiverse children stating their gifts, talents and abilities – their super powers. In June 2019, they launched their third annual Umbrella Project with three public art installations, with hundreds of brightly coloured umbrellas suspended above the streets and public spaces.

An exciting development for the 2021 Umbrella Project, is an invitation to over 1000 schools across UK and partner schools across the world to have their own Umbrella Project and display umbrellas suspended from the classroom ceilings and educate their classmates, school governors and local community leaders about their ability, talent and achievements. They already have schools in USA, Australia, Africa, India, Malta and Greece signed up to participate in 2021.

→ The Benefits for Partners and Sponsors:

The Umbrella Project are calling on businesses and their suppliers, CSR Directors, philanthropists and the general public to support new Umbrella Project Art Installations in iconic locations in London Covent Garden, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Belfast and Brighton 2021. They are also calling on small and medium sized local businesses to sponsor Neurodiversity Umbrella Installations in their local schools, libraries and offices. In 2019 this project rated over 40 million TV and media mentions across the world! In 2021 we will be collaborating with English National Opera, The Gene Kelly Legacy, Royal Ballet, BBC and a range of artists and performers to celebrate the contribution of neurodiverse talent in the creative and performing arts industries.

As a corporate partner, this exciting CSR opportunity will give your brand the opportunity to engage directly with families, educators, health sector and third sector professionals as well as our supporters in national and local government. Individual schools and offices can participate for as little as £350. The Umbrella Project now seek major partners to join us to bring this colourful and inspirational project in iconic locations across the UK. They are asking you to ‘Think Differently’ to inspire talent, nurture ability, develop potential and celebrate diversity for the 21st century!

Sponsorship includes:

  • Advertising and branding
  • Promotion of brand ethos on diversity and inclusion
  • Support for your own PR Agency to optimize your publicity
  • Complimentary table at Annual National Awards Dinner on Friday 6th November
  • Recognition via our 140,000 social media followers with a reach of up to 8 million
  • Bespoke brand exposure opportunities

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