Marking the great influence Ireland has had on our city – and honouring its significance – the Liverpool Irish Festival are once more asking friends across Liverpool and the city region to ‘Green the City’ in honour of the the Emerald Isle!

Connected to an international programme of #GlobalGreening (which has historically involved the Great Wall of China, the White House and the Sydney Opera House) turning green demonstrates our recognition of Ireland’s importance to Liverpool, reminding us why we celebrate its music, literature, dance, film, art, heritage, businesses, communities and more besides. At a time when Brexit divisions, border controls and Covid-19 fill our daily news programme, this show of support, respect and unity offers light in the dark, especially for those unable to return to the island of Ireland.

If your organisation is able, Liverpool Irish Festival (LIF) would ask you to contribute to ‘#GlobalGreening’ by throwing green light on to your building.

Awkwardly, St Patrick’s Day falls on a Wednesday (17 March) this year so people could celebrate the weekend prior or after. Consequently LIF will throw it to you to tell us which Saturday you may turn green for and to let them know if you will be green for any of the days in between! If you can do Sat-Sat inclusive, this would be welcome, as a real marker for our Irish settlers; first, second and third generation Irish families; students and visitors!

This action is requested irrespective of Covid-19 lockdowns. 2021’s #GlobalGreening will be less about people going out to see the buildings in person, but more about being able to tell the story that Liverpool honoured its Irish heritage and its connectivity across the world. It will be about what we can show happened on social media, demonstrating to communities we are still thinking of them, lockdown or no lockdown. This engagement provides a beacon of support and engages us in an international conversation and all are invited to be involved. *IF* lockdowns are lowered, being involved will do no harm and be a treat for those that are out and about.

This is Liverpool Irish Festival’s only dedicated city-wide St Patrick’s Day activity. Your help shows we are a connected city that celebrates its diversity, heritage and long-serving friendship.

Last year it lead to very positive social media coverage and support from the Irish Embassy and Tourism Ireland. If you can, please join in and ask your audiences to help us get this connection trending around the world. We will use the #GlobalGreening’ hashtag across all our posts and hope you will join in.

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