An update from UK Protect – Counter Terrrorism Policing

As you would all be aware earlier this month, MP Sir David Amess was tragically killed in an act of terrorism. Unfortunately, yesterday, on the 14th of November, there was an explosion outside Liverpool Women’s Hospital.

As a result of this, 1 person has been pronounced dead and a terrorist incident has been declared.

Following the incident, I can confirm that there have been 4 arrests, and that Counter Terrorism Policing are continuing to investigate the incident.

As a result of two confirmed terrorist incidents in rapid succession occurring over the period of a month, the Joint Terrorism Analysis Centre, also known as JTAC, have increased the threat level from SUBSTANTIAL to SEVERE.

The terrorist threat is diverse, complex and volatile. I understand the worry this may cause individuals and businesses alike with the fear that this may galvanise terrorist activity. I want to assure you that we are putting in place measures that you will see over the coming days and weeks that aim to stop this momentum.
Some of the measure we will put in place will be visible, which the public can expect to see over the coming days. In addition, we are implementing a range of sustainable measures in the background to help continue keeping the public safe.

As part of the raising from SUBSTANTIAL to SEVERE, it is important that we interact with busi-nesses and organisations, like yourselves, to keep you best informed on the next steps and what these changes mean for you.

There are three key elements I want businesses to take into account. These are to review, to increase vigilance, and to increase awareness.

Review your current procedures and make changes that are required. It is vital that you and your organisations take thorough reviews of your current processes and procedures. The quicker and more extensively you review your procedures, the quicker you can increase secu-rity. Available from NaCTSO are checklists and guidance to assist.

Increase your vigilance. The Christmas period can bring about change depending on industry. Increase your vigilance throughout these winter months and the foreseeable future, and con-tinue to speak with members of your organisation on the best practices to staying vigilant.

Increase your awareness. It is important that you and your teams are aware of the changes to the threat level, whilst also aware of the best practices your business instils to keep staff, and the public, safe. Ensure your staff understand the reasons they should be aware of the signs to spot, and are confident in their knowledge in escalating and reporting anything that concerns them.

For communications teams, this is a key period that requires careful consideration. To support your business, team or organisation we ask that you consider:

  • Be security minded with your communications
  • Review your communications plans
  • Reinforce the ACT e-learning and app within your organisation
  • Look out for the Counter Terrorism Policing communications campaign around Winter Vigilance that will be imminently released

If there are any immediate causes for concern, please report via, the Anti-terrorist hotline on 0800 789 321 or 999 in an emergency.

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