LILA*’s Business Mandarin Club offers valuable language learning and networking opportunities for like-minded local professionals who are either currently working with China or planning on taking the all-important first steps.

The ten-week course explores the culture and traditions of this fascinating and diverse country, all 34 regions, to give you a head start when it comes to building relationships and opportunities in your target trading markets.

The course will start on Thursday 22 April from 5-6.30pm and will cost £250.

Networking Opportunities

Meet like-minded professionals

Learn Basic Chinese

Introduction to simple conversation

Explore Culture & Traditions

Learn essential business etiquette

Course Content:

Week: Lesson Plan:
Week 1
Self-introduction and introduce your colleagues. Where you are from? Pronouns, PinYin, writing (Yes, you will be writing in the first lesson!).
Week 2
Where have you been?
Map of China, we’ll aim to know the trading interests and to be more specific. PinYin, writing, culture, local tradition, local food.
Week 3
Who sits where?
Table manners, Chinese food, taboos, small talk and gifts.
Week 4
Travel and communication
Driving on the right! Traffic and flights, Wechat, Chinese numbers 1 to 100, time, dates and appointments.
Week 5
Halfway review
A presentation challenge. We’ll also help you to create your bio in Chinese, a short introduction on LinkedIn in Chinese.
Week 6
What do you or your partners do for fun? Sports, cooking, music, pets, children and family.
Week 7
Pronouns, verbs, nouns, homophones, idioms, listening, reading, writing and speaking.
Week 8
Listening exercise and writing task
Introduction to HSK 1. Writing your weekly activities, Chinese connectives and describing an event in order.
Week 9
Review writing tasks. Introduction to HSK 1 with more about HSK 1 to 6.
Week 10
Final week
To be able to introduce yourself, your work, hobbies, where you are from, your business, role play, at the dinner table, feedback and continue to HSK 1.

About Rina:

Rina Sowler is an experienced Business Specialist and Language Tutor working within export and foreign trade for more than 20 years. Skilled and passionate about holistic language teaching, Rina will help you make that first step to acquiring basic practical Mandarin with an enhanced focus on trading and communicating with your business partners from China.

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