Here at Liverpool BID Company, we are joining The LYFE Club on 01 April 2021 at 1pm for a LYFE Beyond Boundaries workshop! During the event, The LYFE Club will discuss the movement of mental health and wellness in addition to discussing numerous techniques and methods for you to use in your everyday life.

Throughout the event, we will be joined by:

→ Dr Edward Lynch, Co-Founder of LYFE and Intensive Care Doctor.
→ Dr Tobias Fox, Co-Founder of LYFE and Doctor of Medicine, Surgery and Psychiatry.
→ Dr Sue Smith, Lifestyle Medicine Doctor and Health and Wellbeing Coach. Director of British Society of Lifestyle Medicine.

And the topics that will be discussed throughout the workshop will be:

“The Future of Health” led by Dr Fox and Dr Lynch.
→ Dr Fox and Dr Lynch will open the workshop by discussing the movement of mental health and wellbeing whilst painting a vision on the future of the topic whilst introducing LYFE.

“The Impact of Covid-19” led by Dr Lynch.
→ By discussing the inner mechanics of how Covid works we will, together, build a foundational rapport which we will later use to make powerful individual change.

“Mental Health in the Workplace – An Individual or Corporate Responsibility?” led by Dr Tobias Fox.
→ Throughout this section, Dr Fox will invite you to take part in a discussion around the topic and will then provide you with tools and skills you need to optimise your wellbeing.

“The Importance of Readiness, Motivation and Habit” led by Dr Sue Smith.
→ Dr Smith will outline what Readiness for Change is all about and how you can assess this. Dr Smith will also discuss motivation; where it comes from and how you can increase your motivation and will then finally conclude by discussing habits; how to recognise a habit and what to do to intervene and make positive changes.

LYFE Plans and Homework led by all speakers.
→ The session will conclude with all speakers talking through LYFE materials to give you a baseline understanding of the techniques in order for you to complete the workbook in your own time and final questions by attendees.

If you wish to attend, please book onto our event above or by sending an RSVP email to

Please note, places are free, limited and the priority for this event are BID Levy Payers and their employees. If this event reaches full capacity, priority will be given to levy payers.

Not sure if you are a BID Levy Payer? If your organisation’s address is within L1, L2 or L3, your organisation might be a BID Levy Payer. Check out the BID Area map here.

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