The LCR Combined Authority, Employer Brokerage Service, provides impartial advice and support to employers across the City Region looking upskill their existing workforce or wising to recruit apprentices.

Our Brokers can help you to access funding, local grants and an appropriate training provider who can then deliver the training you need. We have significant experience in supporting employers and have a detailed understanding of national and local funding streams which support the skills agenda. These include:

  • Adult Education Budget
  • Skills Bootcamps
  • Apprenticeships and other vocational training routes

If you would like to speak to one of our Employer Brokers then please visit

Brokers have also been working with Apprenticeship Levy paying organisations who are looking to gift part of their Levy funds to LCR businesses. To date we have facilitated over £3m of Levy transfer supporting over 650 apprentices and 51 receiving organisations. If you are an Apprenticeship Levy payer looking to gift your Levy or an organisation looking to recruit new staff or upskill existing staff through the apprenticeship route and you are interested in receiving Levy funds then please visit our Apprenticeship Levy Pledge page at