Mental Health should be front and centre of every workplace as the city centre reopens, says Julie Johnson, Chair of Liverpool BID Company’s Commercial District BID and Business Operations Partner at Morecrofts Solicitors.

Good mental health and prioritising wellbeing for staff should be part of any business strategy, she adds, particularly as many will have concerns about returning to their workplaces, continuing to work remotely, requesting flexible working and balancing their work and home life.

During Mental Health Awareness Week, Liverpool BID shares its plans for training sessions for businesses focused on returning to the office, and a mental health first aid training session for workplaces.

“With the next reopening taking place on 17 May, it’s important to remember that while many office workers might be exploring flexible working in  a month’s time, many in retail, hospitality and leisure have either been back in a physical workplace for a month, or are planning to start next week. It is a huge change after a year that has challenged each of us.

“Recognising the importance of our mental health is vital to support every member of staff as they consider their options and possible changes from working at home, or being on furlough to returning to work. This will vary depending upon businesses, roles and individual personal circumstances.  It could be a hybrid of working from home and the office or workplace, or completely returning physically to a workplace.”

Wellbeing is also a focus of BID’s re-opening strategy. New walking tours with Shiverpool launch on 7 June and run every Monday until 9 August.

The Historical Net-walking events re-start on 25 May, running every fortnight until Christmas. While the BID Choir is resuming from Wednesday 19 May, which is open for new members to join.

“These events are designed to help people get out and about, to socialise but to also provide a bit of a breather. Exercise and fresh air are an important ingredient for wellbeing. We have to take time away from our screens and away from the working day and our to-do lists, so these walking tours, Net-Walking events and the return of the BID Choir are designed to build a stronger and healthier city centre community.”

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