The SQ is the name that has been given by Liverpool BID Company to a historic area of Liverpool City Centre focused on Williamson Square and the streets that radiate from it.

Arguably one of the most important public spaces in Liverpool, since it was first laid out as a residential square in 1745, Williamson Square and surrounding streets, have connected communities, businesses, and cultural institutions in the heart of the city for three centuries.

The layout of Williamson Square and surrounding streets have changed little in all that time, and today’s eclectic mix of buildings flanking Williamson Square and surrounding streets reflect the area’s ever-changing architectural fashions and economic fortunes in the intervening years.

The Liverpool BID Company believe that they can stimulate meaningful change across the SQ that will create a healthier, safer, greener, and more inclusive environment in Liverpool City Centre that benefits everyone.

These changes will not be focused solely on public realm and streetscape, but will include for the activation of vacant and underutilised buildings and roof spaces together with the identification of wider regeneration opportunities across the SQ.

You can read the full SQ report here.