When the world is going through tightening economic strain, it’s essential to know that your resourcing and people processes provide the best value for money possible. talent:ed introduces their own industry experts’ ability to analyse your organisation’s strategies and people processes, bringing about transformational change to both your team and your bottom line.

It’s often quoted that over 75% of corporate expenditure is people related, so this can be costly when the wrong people join the team, or company culture doesn’t encourage staff to stay long-term. REC estimate that just one bad hire at the mid-manager level (earning £42,000) can end up costing up to £132,015. By working to reduce this wastage significantly, talent:ed leave you with a more engaged and productive team, who are more aligned to the company strategy and direction, and generating much more financial output.

talent:ed has built its offering with the mission of being a ‘progressive people partner’, politely disrupting the tried and outdated methods of transactional HR, recruitment and consultancies. With a collective experience of over 30 years in people strategy, resourcing, and building transformational programmes for businesses, the team looks at your organisation’s broader internal picture. Questions a business leader may have on staff retention, maximising impact or playing to team strengths all come into the scope of this modern, change-thinking based resourcing, and talent:ed has the exact answers for you.

talent:ed’s Managing Director, Andy Gibson said:

“People are often held up as the key asset to an organisation. However, simply appraising or checking in with them once a year smacks of an approach similar to an MOT on a car.”

Despite establishing during the lockdown, and only being a couple of months into their journey, talent:ed have already made significant headway on a global scale, having resourced and deployed project teams for a number of different professional services organisations in far-flung continents. They now wish to emulate their successes closer to home, adding value to more local businesses.

talent:ed’s offering covers four integrated focus areas: resourcing, assessment, strategy and transformation & change. The current pandemic has acted as a catalyst for change thinking and the streamlining of organisations. Ensuring that their clients, already spread across the globe and ever-growing, can benefit from the best talent available to them to achieve significantly improved financial results. talent:ed introduces your organisation to a virtuous cycle of improvement.

talent:ed’s client base includes private equity, telecoms, legal, digital retail and financial services organisations, from scale-up’s to multi-national corporations, and the services they offer are myriad and constantly adapting to the latest advances. Services cover, but aren’t limited to, resourcing, employee assessment, employer brand analysis, cyber-security augmentation, organisational culture definition and change, and transformational projects both operationally and in the people landscape.

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