The Royal Court Theatre are pleased to announce that The Scouse Sleeping Beauty has been extended due to popular demand! The show will now run until 29 January!

As always, this show is packed with stupid jokes, loads of live music and utterly inappropriate content so is definitely not acceptable for children under the age of 16. If you are looking for a night out without the kids, then this is the perfect treat for you.

Over the last eighteen months, times had been hard as folk were not allowed to leave their homes unless they had lots of money. However, one day the King brought joy to all the people as he announced the arrival of his baby daughter Ora! All of the villagers

Well, nearly all. The wicked fairy Maleffluent had evil plans in place for the princess so she slapped a curse on Ora that can only be broken by true love’s kiss.

The Royal Court’s last scouse panto, The Scouse Snow White, was the biggest selling show for the theatre with shows selling out most nights. Our audiences love the Christmas shows and after waiting 2 years for another big Christmas performance, the tickets have sold like hot cakes. Some people have been unable to attend shows so the Royal Court are extending the run to give everybody a chance to see it.

Kevin Fearon, the Executive Producer at Liverpool’s Royal Court is also the writer of this year’s show. He says:

“The audience, the press, the cast and the staff have all loved the show this year. We know that people have had to change their plans at the last minute quite a few times so hopefully this will give everyone a chance to get in to see the show. The audience keep on asking for more and this time we can give it to them!

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