Women’s Health Information & Support Centre (WHISC) is a charity dedicated to improving the health and wellbeing of women and their families throughout Merseyside. Established in 1984, the centre is based on Bold Street in the heart of Liverpool. WHISC is for all women, including women who are amongst the most vulnerable, isolated and marginalised in our communities.

WHISC are currently raising funds to repair the damaged roof in their centre as the Bold Street centre roof needs repairing after heavy rainfall and flooding.

The WHISC vision is to empower women with education, information and free psychological support, as well as activities that combat isolation and marginalisation and support long term wellbeing. WHISC believe all women should be respected and girls should grow up with high self-esteem, confidence and freedom from violence and loneliness.  No one should experience barriers to getting the education, support and care they need for their optimum health. There should be equal access to services around health regardless of age, ethnicity, sexuality, disability status and residential status.

Over the years WHISC has seen a huge increase in demand for mental health services including crisis intervention, this can include domestic violence, financial uncertainty, immigration instability and bereavement. The WHISC drop-in provides women with an array of services and their outreach services builds links with all types of community groups, organisations and businesses throughout Liverpool.

During the COVID-19 pandemic WHISC has seen a 64% increase in demand for our mental health services. Many of their staff members had to take on listening ears and emotional support work to help ease the pressure of our mental health service. In the aftermath of the pandemic many of the women that use the WHISC services have become more anxious, more isolated and their emotional well-being has been declining. WHISC anticipate this increase to continue over the coming 12 months, as restrictions ease and vulnerable women readjust to their lives . Short term COVID funding enabled WHISC to employ further staff which has been of grave benefit to service users, however this was only temporary.

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