New regulations are coming

Liverpool BID Company have signed up as one of five cities in the UK to be part of a new pilot program with WRAP (Waste and Resources Action Program), that will ensure all businesses get the help they need for the upcoming changes to waste and recycling in the UK.

Liverpool BID Company have employed a Business Support Advisor with WRAP, who will educate and inform businesses and help them to test the new Business of Recycling assets.

Businesses can get in touch with our advisor to get help and visit the Business of Recycling website to find out more.

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The changes mean all businesses, healthcare establishments and academic institutions will need to separate glass bottles and jars, metal food and drinks cans, plastic bottles, pots, tubs and trays, paper and cardboard for recycling.  Food businesses such as cafes, restaurants, pubs or other premises preparing or selling food will also have to separate food waste for recycling.

As this will be a regulatory requirement, it’s likely that an enforcement officer from the local authority or the Environment Agency will undertake checks and ask to see evidence that businesses are complying with the new rules.

We’re encouraging all BID Levy Payers to get in touch to be part of the pilot project. It won’t take much out of your time but will give you essential guidance and insights to manage the changes.

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