What came first, juicy, fried buttermilk chicken or crunchy, nutty cereal? All that matters is they’re around at exactly the same time for Fat Hippo, the reigning kings of the burger world, and Kellogg’s, the unbeatable cereal champs, to come together in delicious harmony and create a culinary triumph. Inspired by the viral air-fried, cereal-coated chicken trend dominating social media, this sensational collab brings two industry giants to the forefront of flavour innovation.

Not shy of pushing burger boundaries, patty perfectionists Fat Hippo, known for their quirky but legendary food combos, with the likes of their infamous PB+JJ burger and candied bacon milkshakes, not forgetting their recent doughnut burger collab with Project D, comes another unexpected culinary duo: Cereal. And. Chicken.

Introducing, a Fat Hippo exclusive, Kellogg’s Crunchy Nut Salted Caramel flavour coated buttermilk chicken strips, salted caramel glaze, served with a thick vanilla shake dip. 

Showcasing Kellogg’s latest addition to their flavour twist range, Crunchy Nut Salted Caramel cereal is combined with Fat Hippo’s secret buttermilk chicken recipe, to create the perfect party on your palate! A carefully curated balance of secret spices and sweet golden glaze, all coating tender juicy chicken breast – expertly fried to accentuate the iconic signature ‘crunch’ of Crunchy Nut, paired with a thick, cool and creamy milkshake dip made with vanilla ice cream. Bringing the cereal full circle back to its true milky soulmate, rounds the flavour profile off effortlessly whilst cementing the iconic taste.

Fat Hippo Head Chef, Richard Nelson said:

“Our BurgerLab team thrive off exciting challenges! Our specials allow them the creative freedom in exploring new flavours and ingredients to find new ways to showcase the iconic Fat Hippo taste experience. When we first spotted the cereal chicken trend we knew we had to seek out the best, it’s been an absolute pleasure working with a household name such as Kellogg’s.”

Drawing inspiration from Crunchy Nut’s own catchphrase: “The trouble is they taste too good…” this one promises to leave everyone’s taste buds bouncing. 

Rui Frias, Kellogg’s senior marketing manager said:

“We know Crunchy Nut fans don’t just eat our cereal for breakfast – they like to cook with it too. This nut-ouriously tasty recipe, created by iconic burger brand Fat Hippo, brings a Crunchy Nut Salted Caramel flavour twist to the cereal coated chicken trend. We’re delighted to be partnering with them to bring this to cereal lovers across the UK.”

Kellogg’s Crunchy Nut Salted Caramel chicken strips will be available for two weeks between September 18th ‘til 2nd October, exclusively at all Fat Hippo locations for dine in, as well as Click+Collect and on all delivery platforms.