Following the Prime Minister’s announcement of the HS2’s northern leg being scrapped Liverpool BID Company Chief Executive, Bill Addy, joins the call for support for Liverpool businesses:

If there’s one thing we know in business it’s that confidence comes from delivery, a proven track record in service and getting the job done. A lot of promises have been made to Liverpool when it comes to rail, but we are yet to see any real delivery. 

After a year of chaos on the rail, the impact is felt on our high streets and our boardrooms, it has hit confidence and the city economy from tourism to manufacturing. 

Infrastructure is a critical ingredient in the health of our cities, the engine fuel of our economy, and their interconnectedness has long been a missing piece in the puzzle of the UK. We have ambitions for a green and sustainable economy and that means having an affordable and accessible public transport system. 

We need viable and ambitious plans to support businesses across the north to help them continue to create jobs, to pay taxes and support public services. We have been offered no specific plans, no specific timeline and no promise of impact. We urge whomever has control of the budget over the next decade to put credible plans in place that are delivered.