Liverpool BID Company has announced a new Chair of its Executive Board. Nigel Britton, a partner and Head of Shared Services at accountancy and advisory firm, BDO will take up the role from 1st June

Nigel Britton, who originally trained at KPMG as an accountant, has been with BDO in Liverpool for six years and believes the insight he has gained as the firm has expanded and established itself as one of Liverpool’s largest employers, can be taken into the wider city strategy to fuel investment and growth in the city.

“What attracted BDO to Liverpool as a place for growth was the high quality of talent and expertise within the area, the availability of premises, and the opportunity the city offers as a place for business to grow. BDO now employs more than 700 people locally and our headcount has grown 75% over the past three years at two sites in the city’s Commercial District.

“What we have learnt, both as a BID Levy Payer and as an employer, is that business can contribute to the betterment of Liverpool. We are responsible for young professionals who do not just work in Liverpool but live here, invest their lives here, spend money, pay tax and build relationships. We are invested to create a better environment for the city we work and live in”.

Liverpool BID’s Executive Board oversees strategy for the organisation’s finances, company structure and major long term decisions. Operationally, it is staffed by professionals representing the city’s business community, from within Liverpool’s business, culture, retail and leisure industries, providing valuable insight and oversight for the organisation. It sits above the boards of Liverpool’s three operating BID Areas; Culture & Commerce, Retail & Leisure and the Accommodation BID.

Nigel believes it is critical that, after a period of instability with the pandemic and within the city itself,  focus and strategic reflection can help to grow the city’s economy and make it more attractive to investors.

“A stable economy will allow Business Improvement Districts to support businesses and people to promote and progress the status of the city for its greater good. We want to ensure that our latest BID, the Accommodation BID, is fully integrated and that the wealth of experience in this area is brought into other sectors in the city. Over the next five years we want to ensure we are getting the best benefit for our Levy Payers. There is a slow burn economic drive in Liverpool with a vibrancy that sees our young graduates see this as a place not just to live and work but thrive. We need to ensure that existing investment is charged so the city can flourish.”

Bill Addy is CEO of Liverpool BID Company

“I am delighted to be able to welcome Nigel as Chair of our Board. The story of BDO is one of massive success and I think that story can be repeated many times to help fuel the economic engine of Liverpool. This is an exciting time for Liverpool and it’s important for us to have the right people in place to help us continue to succeed”.