As part of the Ropewalks STEP Scheme Phase 1, GRAHAM have provided an update to keep residents and businesses updated on the site progress of Wood Street/Slater Street.

→ Progress at Wood Street

After many obstacles and unforeseen challenges, GRAHAM are pleased to announce that Wood Street will be fully opened to vehicles from Wednesday 22 September. Some connection works to automate the bollards at either end of the street will need to be completed at a later point. Until then, the bollards will remain down.

→ Progress at Slater Street

  • The roadway and the east side of Slater Street between Bold Street and Wood Street has been completed.
  • The paving between Wood Street and Fleet Street has been completed on both sides and the road is being excavated to prepare for laying the granite setts.
  • GRAHAM have begun to excavate and prepare for paving outside The Shipping Forecast, Jacaranda and Fitzgeralds. The team will move to the opposite pavement prior to starting the road.
  • Automatic bollards will be installed in the roadway by Butter.
  • The granite setts at the junctions of Slater Street with Parr Street and Seel Street have been laid to create the permanent through routes.
  • The sandstone paving and granite setts between Duke Street and Seel Street have been completed.

→ Automatic Bollards

During the hours of operation, the bollards will be on a time clock and access will be via a pin pad to fall in line with the new systems around the city. Relevant stakeholders will be contacted and informed about the introduction of the pin system.

When outside of the hours of operation there will be free access, a vehicle will need to approach the bollards, sit on the loop and the bollards will drop and illuminate a green signal.

The exit bollards will operate by free exit, drivers will approach the system, sit on the loops and wait for the green signal to illuminate, the vehicle can then exit the system.

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