Zero Carbon Liverpool City Region are delighted to be a partner in the Liverpool City Region Combined Authority funded, Carbon Literate Communities project.

The project offers free, fully accredited carbon literacy training to members of community groups across the city region. If you live and work in the city region and are active in a community group of any description you are eligible to apply.

The project is running now, and we are actively recruiting for courses that will initially be run online.

→ About the course:

What is Carbon Literacy Training?

Carbon Literacy is an awareness of the carbon costs and impacts of everyday activities. The course aims to give learners the ability and motivation to reduce harmful carbon emissions, on an individual and community basis.

The course is designed to be fun and interactive. The presentations and activities are created to offer a rich mixture of learning styles and techniques to promote inclusivity and offer the most effective learning among its attendees.

By completing a day’s (min 8 hours) worth of Carbon Literacy training learners will be certified as ‘Carbon Literate’ by the Carbon Literacy Project.

The main objective of the course is to encourage individuals to TAKE ACTION. By taking the learners on an emotional journey and giving quality knowledge on the science of Climate Change, the group will then make individual pledges to create change for themselves and within their community.

What to expect from a Carbon Literacy Training Day:

Learners are empowered to devise realistic and relevant actions to reduce their carbon footprint.

Learners will be asked to commit to personal AND group actions. Actions must be meaningful and significant to the individual creating them.

The course offers a mix of visual, aural, verbal, physical and logical learning throughout.

After attending a course, Carbon Literate citizens will: Understand how climate change will affect the Earth, their community, and have acquired the knowledge and skills to lower their individual carbon footprint.

Energy Projects Plus will be running the bulk of the courses and will be delivering courses online imminently, so get in touch with them directly if you want to start now!

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Zero Carbon Liverpool City Region (ZCL-CR) are recruiting now and aim to deliver in person courses from late June, although they are planning to do one online course early-mid June so contact them directly if you want to get on one of their courses.

If you want to do a course with ZCL-CR once you have expressed an interest they will work with you to find a way to deliver the course that works best for the group, two half day session, three two and a half hour sessions for example.

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