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Re: Extension of Liverpool BID Company’s area                                                           

We would like to introduce you to Liverpool BID Company. As a private, not-for-profit organisation, we work on behalf of our 1,100 BID levy-paying businesses in Liverpool city centre. We focus on improving safety and the environment, promoting the area, creating opportunities to connect businesses, and providing support to keep businesses competitive.

Liverpool BID Company began over 18 years ago. We were one of the first to be created through  the national pilot scheme and are now recognised as one of the UK’s most successful and established Business Improvement

18 years later, we have seen the power of bringing businesses together, and how, when we unite for a common purpose, the city benefits enormously.

Together, with our businesses, we have transformed areas of the city, making them safer and more attractive. We have created culture, art, and events and we have increased footfall and economic activity – alongside working with businesses for their everyday wants and needs. We have become an essential part of the city’s infrastructure, providing both a platform and a champion for business in Liverpool.

As we head towards our fifth ballot, we propose to raise our thresh­old to RV of £45,000 + and expand the current BID area. In extending the BID area, we will provide an opportunity to bring the city’s neighbour­hoods and quarters together, whilst improving connectivity, marketing, safety, and environment; strategically, and thoughtfully, across the whole city centre. We will support the expansion of the city centre; with a cohesive long-term plan that will further propel Liverpool into both a thriving destination as well as a desirable place to invest, live and work.

The newly expanded area will benefit from connecting with the rest of Liverpool through the BID, providing vital links to the city’s events, activations, and campaigns attracting visitors, business tourists, and investors. It will benefit from the activities of the BID safety partnership and police as well as additional cleansing. Connectivity and the drive for footfall from the city centre would be a priority. The BID’s Christmas lighting and animation program would also be extended into the new area.

Businesses, please can you fill out the consultation on the button below and tell us your contact details to ensure the ballot paper lands in the correct place.