Flippin’ Marvellous - LunyaLita win 2022 Liverpool Pancake Race

The Liverpool Pancake Race is a feature of the City’s year which brings chefs from hotels and restaurants together to compete for glory in the grounds of Liverpool Parish Church.

This annual event takes place on Shrove Tuesday, 21st February, at 10.45 for an 11.00 start in St Nicholas’ Gardens on Chapel Street, opposite the Liver Building. This year there are more competitors, and a new partnership with the Liverpool BID Company.

The Rector of Liverpool, the Revd Dr Crispin Pailing, said:

I’d like to think that competitors have been training all year for this, but winning this prestigious race has as much to do with your pancake recipe. Although it is a bit of fun, the history of pancakes reminds us about the start of Lent, which is a special time for Christians as they prepare for Easter.”

The winning chef is presented with an engraved pancake pan to display proudly in their kitchen for their year of victory.

The origin of pancakes on Shrove Tuesday lies in the tradition of using up remaining fat and dairy products before ‘fasting’ began in Lent. Although people rarely give up dairy products in Lent today, many Christians still keep the tradition of giving something up as a way of preparing themselves for Easter.

All Liverpool Chefs are welcome to take part, please contact us below to sign up.

What you’ll need for the race:

– Your pan & pancake

– Some comfortable shoes, ready for two laps of the Church gardens!

Get in touch on 0151 236 5287 or info@liverpoolbidcompany.com.