GRAHAM Group are ahead of schedule have completed the overnight surfacing works on The Strand on Friday 17 May. Therefore, there will now be no requirement for night-time working to continue this week.

Given that normal occupancy of hotels have now resumed, and after discussion with local Hotel management, GRAHAM have taken noise mitigation steps in resequencing some of the noisiest Loop Cutting (carriageway saw cutting of the new UTC detection system) activities until day shifts over an extended period rather than during full closure night shifts. This will significantly lessen the noise and length of time that GRAHAM will need to complete the overnight Loop Cutting.

Loop Detection System – Carriageway Saw Cutting (Day Time):

1) Tuesday 1 June – Brook Street (Full Closure).

2) Wednesday 2 June – Brook Street (Full Closure).

3) Thursday 3 June – Queensway Tunnel (Full Closure).

4) Friday 4 June – Chapel Street (Full Closure).

5) Saturday 5 June – No works.

6) Sunday 6 June – Chapel Street (Full Closure).

7) Monday 7 June – Water Street (Full Closure).

8) Tuesday 8 June – Water Street (Full Closure).

9) Wednesday 9 June – Brunswick Street (Full Closure).

10) Thursday 10 June – Brunswick Street (Full Closure).

11) Friday 11 June – Contingency work if required.

Loop Detection System – Carriageway Saw Cutting (Night-Time):

12) Friday 18 June – The Strand & James Street (Full Closure).

Working safely during Covid-19

The GRAHAM site is rigorously adhering to social distancing regulations, and external daily briefings are being conducted to highlight and reinforce, safe working procedures for the welfare of staff and members of the public.

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