An updated guide has been produced to help promote better relations between buskers in Liverpool city centre and local businesses.

The Guide to Busking in Liverpool has been produced as a joint initiative by Liverpool City Council, the Musicians’ Union (MU), the Keep Streets Live Campaign and Liverpool BID Company and it is thought to be the first of its type in the country.

The best practice guide advises buskers, council officers, businesses and residents on issues such as pitch selection, noise levels and the best way of resolving issues. 

Bill Addy, Chief Executive of Liverpool BID Company and Kevin McManus, Head of UNESCO City of Music:

“It is anticipated that that the guidance will help reduce the number of complaints and lead to those which continue being resolved amicably. It also sets out the procedures for enforcement should this prove necessary.

“When people think of Liverpool, music is one of the first things they imagine. The contribution of the city’s musicians is one of the reasons we are recognised as a Music City in every corner of the world and are a UNESCO Music City. Music is at our heart, we celebrate our musical heritage while promoting every note of the rich, diverse and life-enhancing music-making taking place every day in communities across the city.

“Busking plays a significant role in this vibrant music-ecology. It is a platform for musicians and street entertainers, while making the city centre animated for residents, businesses, shoppers and visitors alike. This guide sets out a framework, ensuring the city centre stays safe and welcoming for everyone. Our busking community is a vital ingredient in our vibrancy and we maintain this with clear guidelines on how they should operate, that does not impede both enjoyment and safety.”

Performing in the Liverpool ONE shopping area

If you wish to perform or busk in Liverpool ONE, you’ll need to apply directly with them. Find out more here.