As part of our BID Safety Partnership, which ensures Liverpool is a thriving and vibrant destination, we manage Liverpool city centre’s BID Radio Link Network. The network of high-quality digital radios currently connects over 180 businesses, 24 hours a day, providing reassurance and intelligence sharing throughout the city centre.

We asked a member of staff at HMV about their experience of regularly utilising the Radio Link Network, and the impact this has on the business’s operation.

How does the radio link scheme benefit your business?

The Radio Link benefits our business by providing a vital communication link to other stores in the city centre, giving us rapid access to send & receive details about known & potential shoplifters, other offenders, & events happening in the local area that could have an effect on the store’s trade.
What would your business be like without the radio link?

When we were without the Radio Link, the store felt cut-off from the businesses nearby, unable to interact with other users to exchange information, or quickly request any assistance & support when necessary.
Why would you encourage other businesses to join the radio link scheme?

Any business currently not using the Radio Link scheme is missing-out on an extra layer of security for their stores, with a wealth of useful advice, help & knowledge from experienced staff available.