The Digital HSBC Financial Wellbeing programme is a proposition offering help and support to local businesses in promoting and maintaining employee financial wellbeing during these unprecedented times.

→ What is the HSBC Digital Financial Wellbeing Programme?

The Digital Financial Wellbeing programme is designed to give information and enhance your understanding of key financial topics. A team from HSBC will be available to talk holistically about banking, covering everything from budgeting and saving to buying your first home and retiring. This complimentary service is available to all employees regardless of where they currently bank.

The HSBC Financial Wellbeing Team will deliver live scheduled webinars through Zoom for your employees. Sessions last 30 minutes with no participant cameras or microphones for maximum discretion. Various topics of interest will be covered such as budgeting and cutting costs, how to improve your credit score, paying off debt and saving for the future etc.

HSBC also offer non-advised, individual 30 minute Financial Health Check sessions for employees who wish to talk privately about their personal financial circumstances providing support and guidance to resolve any issues.

→ What is the purpose of the HSBC Digital Financial Wellbeing Programme?

It is widely acknowledged that the number of employees who are potentially worried about their finances if increasing. Financial concerns can significantly impact on people’s overall wellbeing, including their engagement and productivity in the workplace.

There is no obligation or requirement for an employee to bank with HSBC, as it is available to everyone regardless of where they bank.  This service is intended to be more of an educational session, and another way in which you can support your workforce. In particular during these unprecedented times, many employees may want additional guidance around how best to manage their finances.

This free-of charge Digital Financial Wellbeing Programme gives you the platform you may need to enhance your knowledge and understanding of key financial topics.

Through the programme, HSBC work with you to understand your unique needs:

  • A bespoke programme to fit your needs
  • The opportunity to attend webinars on a range of topics for all life stages
  • A telephone 1:1 ‘financial health check’ session with a professional
  • A company-orientated focus that covers existing benefits and initiatives

→ Additional Financial Wellbeing Programme topics include:

  • Managing and growing your wealth
  • Home buying – first time buyer
  • Home buying – your home
  • Leaving a legacy
  • Starting your career
  • Making the most of your money
  • Your family

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