Liverpool businesses have a critical role to play in the city region’s push towards net zero carbon and Liverpool BID Company is leading by example.

Metro Mayor Steve Rotheram has set a deadline of 2040 for Liverpool city region to be net zero carbon and Liverpool BID Company says businesses have a critical role to play.

Representing more than 860 businesses across three city centre BID areas, the Liverpool BID Company is already developing its own pathway to net zero. It has teamed up with environmental consultancy Arete Zero Carbon to formulate a decarbonisation action plan.

As part of this vitally important project, the BID is also reaching out to its members to offer them support as they embark on their own net zero journey. Small business owners may believe they lack the resources and know-how to deliver an effective plan.

As part of its partnership with Arete, BID members will be asked what they require to help them reach net zero carbon to identify where targeted support and investment may be needed.

Liverpool BID Company chief executive, Bill Addy, said:

“Leadership often means having to be the first to carve a path. How can you expect others to follow and heed your insight if you do not take your own advice?

“That was one of the conversations we had around net zero at Liverpool BID Company, and fuelled our ambition to become a net carbon zero business, especially as we are asking others to do the same.

“Liverpool has ambitious plans to reach net zero carbon in under two decades. The City of Liverpool, through the 2030 Net Zero Liverpool Action Plan, sets out the actions that the city needs to take to become net zero by 2030.

“Businesses across the city and beyond should also be considering how they can become net zero.”

Working with Arete, the BID has successfully calculated our supply chain carbon impact and have developed a pathway to net zero. Now it wants to make sure its members can play their part in the decarbonisation push.

“For many businesses it can feel like yet another thing on their to-do list, despite how vital and critical they know it to be,” added Bill.

“Therefore our goal is to first map knowledge and understanding, so that the support we offer is targeted directly to the needs of business across a range of sectors.

“We want to be able to ensure that businesses outside of the city centre, and right across the city region, are able to access the same support that will be offered.

“The target is ambitious but it needs a strategic assessment and businesses will need help if they are to meet it.”

This year the BID is assessing any procurement, including the lifecycle of goods and reducing waste. It is examining ways it supports staff travel to be more sustainable.

And it is working towards 2025 as a target for exploring the use of alternative fuels within energy and utilities. By 2030, any remaining carbon emissions will be offset through a verified and local carbon project.

The first step of the project will see businesses surveyed across the city centre –  in a variety of sectors including accommodation, hospitality, retail and leisure, culture, professional services and public sector.

This is to gain an understanding of the awareness of net zero. This data will then be reviewed to define the parameters of targeted support to help businesses reach their goals.

Liverpool BID Company will then seek pilot funding to support a significant number of businesses in Liverpool. The surveys have already begun and members can take part by clicking here.

We are inviting our businesses to share your thoughts on your journey to reducing and eliminating your carbon footprint ️. 

Please fill out this short 5 minute survey to let us know your feedback, and for the chance to win a meal for two at Hotel Indigo.